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Thursday, April 25th 2019
Session time
14h00 - 15h00
Free communications 1: Melanoma treatment
Sophie DALAC-RAT (France)
Lionel LARUE (France)
Charlotte PROBY (United Kingdom)
Dimitris SGOUROS (Greece)
Damien GIACCHERO (France)
14h00 - 14h07
FC02 - Safety & efficacy of cryopreserved autologous tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (LN-144, lifileucel) in previously treated metastatic melanoma patients
A Sarnaik, S S Thomas, D Davar, J M Kirkwood, H Kluger, J Lutzky, A C Pavlick, B Curti, E Whitman, O Hamid, M Ernstoff, G Q Phan, P Corrie, J Chesney, S Suzuki, D Barton, M Fardis, H-T Arkenau* (United States)
14h07 - 14h14
FC03 - Response rates with talimogene laherparepvec monotherapy in patients with stage IIIB–IVM1C melanoma previously treated with a checkpoint inhibitor
Helen Gogas, Ralf Gutzmer, Josep Malvehy, Janice M Mehnert, Chunxu Liu, Cheryl Pickett, Wendy Snyder, Jason Chesney (Greece)
14h14 - 14h21
FC04 - Redirected T-cell mediated lysis in patients with metastatic uveal melanoma with gp100-directed TCR IMCgp100: overall survival findings
Takami Sato, Paul D Nathan, Leonel Hernandez-Aya, Joseph J Sacco, Marlana Orloff, Frank Engler, Nicola Little, Rachael Easton, Richard D Carvajal (United States)
14h21 - 14h28
FC06 - Prediction of irAEs in ipilimumab-treated melanoma patients based on serum autoantibodies
Jessica Cecile Hassel, Joanna Mangana, Reinhard Dummer, Claudia Pföhler, Kilian Wistuba-Hamprecht, Benjamin Weide, Lara Hakim-Meibodi, Friedegund Meier, Jasmin Roth, Hans-Dieter Zucht, Peter Schulz-Knappe, Petra Budde (Germany)
14h28 - 14h35
FC07 - Update of survival and cost of metastatic melanoma with new drugs: estimations from the melbase cohort
Marguerite Kandel, Clara Allayous, Stéphane Dalle, Laurent Mortier, Sophie Dalac, Caroline Dutriaux, Marie-Thérèse Leccia, Federico Rotolo, Bernard Guillot, Philippe Saiag, Jean-Philippe Lacour, Delphine Legoupil, Thierry Lesimple, François Aubin, Marie Beylot-Barry, Vincent Descamps, Jean-Philippe Arnault, Florence Granel-Brocard, Pierre-Emmanuel Stoebner, Alain Dupuy, Eve Maubec, Jean-Jacques Grob, Stefan Michiels, Celeste Lebbe, Isabelle Borget (France)
14h35 - 14h42
FC08 - Tace for patients with metastatic melanoma in the liver
Dmitry Martynkov, Vladislav Kosyrev, Valeria Nazarova (Russian Federation)
14h42 - 14h49
FC05 - Real world evidence in advanced melanoma from a national, non-interventional study of nivolumab monotherapy or in combination with ipilimumab (nico)
R. Gutzmer, T. Eigentler, P. Mohr, D. Göppner, S. Haferkamp, M. Herber, R. Herbst, F. Meier, F. Meiss, C. Pföhler, S. W. Schneider, P. Terheyden, J. Ulrich, J. Utikal, M. Weichenthal, C. Weishaupt, J. Welzel, D. Schadendorf (Germany)
14h49 - 14h56
FC01 - Real-world evidence of the effectiveness of cobimetinib combined with vemurafenib in patients with BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma
Nicolas Meyer, David Pérol, Anne-Bénédicte Duval-Modeste, Adrian Gorana, Laila El Adaoui, Yoann Lelarge, Ralph Niarra, Christine Mateus (France)

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