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Thursday, April 25th 2019
Session time
16h30 - 18h00
Free communications 2: Carcinoma
Stéphane DALLE (France)
Helen GOGAS (Greece)
Janice MEHNERT (United States)
16h30 - 16h37
FC09 - Follow-up of patients with complete remission of locally advanced basal-cell carcinoma after vismodegib discontinuation: french study of 119 patients
Florian Herms, Jerome Lambert, Jean-Jacques Grob, Luc Haudebourg, Martine Bagot, Sophie Dalac (France)
16h37 - 16h44
FC17 - Prognostic subgroups in stage T3-AJCC8 for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: tentative T3 stage subclassification
Alberto Conde-Ferreirós, Luis Antonio Corchete-Sánchez, Laura Puebla-Tornero, Concepción Román-Curto, Javier Cañueto (Spain)
16h44 - 16h51
FC11 - Cemiplimab in patients with advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: clinical experience from the phase 1 and phase 2 studies
Michael R Migden, Alexander Guminski, Karl D Lewis, Dirk Schadendorf, Nikhil I Khushalani, Axel Hauschild, Kyriakos P Papadopoulos, Yamini Patel, Michael Andria, Matthew G Fury, Danny Rischin, Chrysalyne D Schmults (United States)
16h51 - 16h58
FC10 - Cemiplimab for the treatment of metastatic and locally advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: prospective study in a french onco-dermatology unit
Florian Herms, Julie Delyon, Barouyr Baroudjian, Adele De Masson, Celeste Lebbe (France)
16h58 - 17h05
FC15 - Opportunities for improving the efficiency of keratinocyte cancer care in primary and specialist care: population-based dutch cohort studies
Marlies Wakkee, Sven van Egmond, Patrick Bindels, Johan van der Lei, Marieke Louwman, Tamar Nijsten, Loes Hollestein (Netherlands)
17h05 - 17h12
FC12 - Synergistic targeting of PI3K-MTOR and MAPK pathwas in Merkel cell carcinoma
Arturo Temblador, Dimitrios Topalis, Graciela Andrei, Robert Snoeck (Belgium)
17h12 - 17h19
FC13 - Phase II study of KX2-391 ointment 1%, a novel field treatment based on src/tubulin polymerisation inhibition, for actinic keratosis
Michael Jarratt, Steven Kempers, Seth Forman, David Cutler, Hui Wang, Jane Fang, Rudolf Kwan (United States)
17h19 - 17h26
FC14 - Long-term clinical benefit to anti-CCR4 mogamulizumab: post-hoc results from mavoric, a phase 3 study in previously treated cutaneous t-cell lymphoma
Martine Bagot, Stephane Dalle, Lubomir Sokol, Athanasios Tsianakas, Amy Musiek, Pablo L. Ortiz-Romero, Brian Poligone, Madeline Duvic, Craig Elmets, Mollie Leoni, Karen Dwyer
17h26 - 17h33
FC16 - Outcome after treatment for sebaceous carcinoma: a multicenter study
Eva Huis In 'T Veld, Nicoline Post, Ronald Keizer, Jeroen Versteeg, Nicoline Naus, Germaine Relyveld, Myles Smith, Alexander van Akkooi, Dirk Grunhagen, Dirk Strauss, Cornelis Verhoef
17h33 - 17h40
FC18 - Trends in knowledge, attitude and behavior about sun-protection in 15-75 aged french people: baromètre cancer, 2005-2010-2015
Anne Thuret, Colette Ménard, Christophe Léon, Jean-Baptiste Richard, Christine Jestin, Florence de Maria (France)
17h40 - 17h47
FC19 - Trends of sunbed use and in characteristics, knowledge, attitude and behavior in 15-75 aged french sunbed users: baromètre cancer, 2010-2015
Anne Thuret, Colette Ménard, Christophe Léon, Jean-Baptiste Richard, Christine Jestin, Florence de Maria (France)

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